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Weight Management

With todays stresses and diet, weight management has become a major issue in our country and a major causative factor in many other disorders and diseases.

It is not always easy to gain control of our weight when our bodies no longer respond properly to the nourishment and foods we eat. It is as important to correct the bodies responses to the foods we eat as it is to help balance the diet we eat based on foods that we like to eat.

Our approach is based on correcting the bodies functions to correctly deal with the foods and nutrients we eat, combined with some diet modification to reduce stress to our digestive systems concentrate on the nourishment that we need.

The protocols that we use are based on 3 series of 7 acupuncture treatments with 1 week off in between each series. we add to this recommendations for diet modification as concentrated nutritional supplementation to strengthen the bodies functions and restore our bodies abilities to maintain a proper weight.

We use the standard measurements of Body Mass Index (BMI) and Waist/Hip Indexes (WHI) to adjust our treatment protocols and follow our progress

This protocol is based on treating Obesity or anorexia and can be modified for those who require less modification to their weight management.

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