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Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years. One amazing fact that is not mentioned much outside of the Oriental Medical Schools is that the same texts used thousands of years ago are among the books still used today. This stands as a testament to the integrity and ingenuity of a very advanced system that has stood the test of time, both in ancient scientific terminology as well as in now in our modern scientific terminology.

When most people hear about Oriental Medicine, they usually think about acupuncture, but Oriental Medicine is comprised of so much more. among the many disciplines are: Acupuncture, Herbology, Dietary Therapy, Tai Qi (a form of movement), Tui Na (Chinese Massage Therapy), Shiatsu (Japanese MAssage Therapy), Sotai (Japanese Stretching), Qi Gong (Energy work), Ampuku Therapy (Japanese Stomach Massage), Thai Massage, and many more. These disciplines also have different interpretations or styles this come from the Oriental Medical models blending into both an art and a science.

The basic Principals of Oriental Medicine come from nature, or natural law. We can see in nature the same actions and forces that we see acting within ourselves. Those principals of Hot/Cold,  Fire/Water - become the foundation of the law of opposites known as Yin and Yang.

In contrast to Western Medicine, we look at function instead of form. While Western Medicine tries to find out which organ is malfunctioning, Oriental Medicine focuses more on how it is being expressed physically and emotionally. This pattern makes up the foundation of the Oriental diagnostic perspective.

There is the perspective that the body/mind has a blueprint that it is constantly using to rebuild itself from. In recent years, modern science has considered this to be our DNA, but going back a few thousand years, this idea existed in the concept of meridians or lines of energy flow that interact and form the matrix of our being. Whenever we have an imbalance (known of ill health or dis-ease) there is first an imbalance in our patterns or meridians. The body is then rebuilding itself based on an incorrect blueprint of pattern. In Oriental medicine, the focus is to correct the pattern if imbalance so that the body/mind can then rebuild and correct themselves.


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