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Reiki: (Pronounced Rei-Ki€¯) translated from Japanese means Universal Life Force€¯ and was a forgotten healing art from Tibetan healing practices centuries ago. It was rediscovered in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1920’s.

Reiki is a simple technique where the client would be fully clothed and usually laying down. The Reiki practitioner works with the Reiki Energy by gently placing the hands lightly on or near the receptive body points on the client. These points include the chakras, of Ayurvedic Medicine as well as the acupuncture points.

The experience of Reiki usually leaves the client feeling relaxed, recharged and rebalanced. This helps provide an opportunity for the body to better heal itself and restore balance and well being..

In some reiki sessions you might experience a sensation of well being, while in other sessions you might experience the feeling of your body, mind, and/orspirit shifting their balance into a new state of wellness


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    Mondays. Wednesdays & Fridays 
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